Sunday, 22 September 2013

Double Post all the way!! So intense!!

I have returned from my slumber. Sorry about not getting a post up last week, but other activities got in the way / work (read: I couldn't be bothered at the end of the day).

So Today I've crammed in a tonne of pics taken from both myself and Lachie (again, could be bother last Friday :p) from the previous two EWA meets. Lets get it on!

First up is the collection of 40k pics taken from 2 weeks ago:

Eldar vs Imperial Guard (coupled with Eldar?)-

Ork vs Space Marines... or ork flesh vs tank treads :s-

waaaggghttt are they going to do against hose huge tin cans?

More space Elves pew pewing Marines-

kings of the hill

Then we move onto Warhams Fantasy:

An undead showdown between the Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts:

both armies fly across the field ... ... ...

... come turn 5 they finally engage in combat

Lizardmen vs Dwarves (in classic castle formation):

the lizard hoard just cant keep up with the lizard ponies 

The Scar-Veterans show the Dwarves the meaning of annoying

7 days forward we have a collection of pics from the latest EWA meet:

Space Marine learner drivers...

a nice fair 3 on 14 punch on

Marines charge toward evil space elves:

the Lizards hiss at the Skaven line...

... the Skaven retort with an overpowered, totally unbalanced chitter :p
(update the Skaven book alread GW!!)
And that's all the time I can allocate to this post. I'm sorry if you had a breakdown from my absence, it won't happen again until the next time I do it.

Comments or criticisms are always appreciated and welcomed.

Until next time chaps,

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Remember remember the 6th of September

Hi Ho viewers! How's things? I'm good thanks, just chugging along... doing the usual. I went clubbing last Friday and had a run of a new army list. Wanna see? Well rightio :-)

There were only a few games running when I rocked up which consisted of a game of Warmachine:

... one very large game of 40k (doubles?):

come at me bro!

the Necrons try to hide in the trees.. unsuccessfully.

the Eldar tank in the distance decides to take a nap

A learning game of WHFB:

the can back there isn't a proxy >_>


double crunch!

...and another game of WHFB:

poison from the skinks didn't seem to work this time

rear charge into a magic chaos snail!

That'll do pig, that'll do. Who'd of thought that line from the movie Babe was actually referencing the future, more specifically the 11th of Sep 2013 when I completed uploading photo's to this blog! Amazing! :p

Eagle eyed viewers may notice the free standing microphone in the middle of the playing table 3 pic up. That was the beginning of a possible new podcast (yet to be named, edited or even released) between a bunch of us EWA members (EWAns?) talking crap while playing a game.
I'll post more news about this as it develops.

If you have game scores form any of the above battle, or better yet a battle report, shoot it on through to me: and I'll type it up and spit it out onto the interwebs.

Until next time folks,

Thursday, 5 September 2013

August 30 shinannigoats...

Howdy doody everyboody!

Last week on the 30th of Aug, the final club Friday before Spring, the club (unknowingly) decided to have a few games in celebration of the turn of the seasons.

So lets get into as I've stuff to do and army lists to wrtie :p

First up, a larger game of Dust Tactics:


Next in line we have.. err.. Warmachine? (not sure exactly.. I haven't really checked this game out :p)

Incoming!!! Eldar killing things.. things that look like marines... so we'll say they're marines.

Eldar vs Eldar?! or is it all the marines are dead...

hmmm.. looks a little one sides methinks.

SHAZAAM! From the endless wars of the far future to the endless wars of the distance past. That's right, 2 games of Warhammer Fantasy were on the tables tonight. First up, Vamps vs High Elves:

notice the Coach on the left with the invisible horses? Spooky...

elves like to do it from behind :s

... 2nd match between Dwarfs and Tomb Kings:

the dwarfs, confident in their fighting ability, charge in... or maybe not.

wtf is going on here?!

a lone dwarf crewman attempts to parlay with the undead, showing them on his clipboard, how they are no longer a threat and if they could sign a release for them to be exempt in the upcoming fight. The undead declined...

... and for something different a learing game of Dystopian Wars. Covenant of Antarctica vs the Federated States of America (well they look like FSA.. can't remember if they were proxies or not :p)  :

!! shock !! The Dreadfleet mat is being used for something!!!

the CoA ship in the foreground uses is blurring generator to good effect.

There you go peeps, another post for you all to peruse.

As always, feel free to comment, give your battle scores or reports and send through any corrections that you see. Perhaps I might even post again tomorrow if I have the time !! :o

Bensome out.
PS: the above name is a proposed nickname.. a mix of Ben and Awesome.. given to me from a previous workplace. Feel free to give suggestions on a different, perhaps better, nickname :p